Gift Box Or Apparel Box?

Custom garment boxes offer fun and excitement when shopping for a new outfit or stocking up on a new wardrobe. Apparel boxes, used by major fashion brands that sell ready-to-wear clothing and bespoke ateliers that specialize in custom-sewn or tailored outfits for various occasions, make unboxing an exciting experience for customers or, in cases where clothing is given as a gift, for recipients.

However, if a corporation wants customers to keep returning their garments, placing those products in inadequate packaging will not help if you buy apparel boxes. Plain packaging will not be enough to maximize the brand effect.

Custom Packaging Is Essential.

Brands differentiate themselves via customization. Bespoke and carefully designed packaging for your items is an excellent approach to stamp your brand in your customers’ thoughts. Aside from protecting your items from the weather, it is also a powerful and visible marketing tool.

Custom packaging may also function as a point of contact for customers to provide feedback, especially when a brand’s contact information is placed on it. In the long term, it can assist businesses in gathering information that can be used to enhance goods in the future.

Designed By You, Made For You

We want to make box-making as simple as possible. We eliminate guessing with a one-of-a-kind online ordering and design system that allows you to produce the custom packaging you require quickly. It takes a few minutes to design and personalize a box to your needs.

Enter the specifics – size, materials, even printing options -and you’ll be well on your way to creating an ecommerce box that safely conveys your items to clients throughout the country. Believe in limitless personalization; your creativity is the only thing restricting you here.

Intelligent Custom Packaging For Intelligent Outfits

The correct packaging might differentiate between a good brand and a fantastic one.

Lid-And-Tray Containers These boxes are often lined with tissue paper and have lids that fit securely over the tray. They are perfect for storing goods such as dress shirts, formal gowns, and shoes.

Boxes With Roll-End Tuck-Front And Dust Flaps (Retf) These boxes, which are essentially mailer boxes, are best employed by online shops that need to convey their things to faraway buyers properly.

Custom Shaped / Die-Cut Boxes These boxes, which can be custom-built to precise forms, provide a humorous aspect to clothing packing. T-shirt tubular packaging is included in this category.

Standard Product Containers These are designed to be smaller and may be used to store goods such as undergarments, socks, and other accessories.

Our lid-and-tray and RETF boxes are available in sizes ranging from 3″ x 3″ x 1.25″ to 14″ x 12″ x 3″. Whatever you stuff inside, there is a box size ideal for your needs.

Materials Have An Impact

High-quality materials also aid in the creation of unique packaging alternatives. We provide the following options:


This thin cardboard, also known as pasteboard, is used to create attractive, lightweight packaging that is frequently used for gift boxes or more delicate pieces of apparel. Cardstock boxes are available in the following thicknesses:

Fourteen points, 18 points, and 24 points.

Cardboard Corrugated

This material provides structural integrity and longevity to the end product, making it ideal for online enterprises and those that need to transport selected apparel options. We utilize cardboard that is both sustainable and recyclable. This content is available in the following variations:

  • White Corrugated Cardboard Standard
  • Corrugated Cardboard Premium with a smoother white surface and a little gloss
  • Brown Kraft

This article will describe the most popular forms of gift boxes and will assist you in determining which sort of presentation box design will best meet your needs.

Box And Lid

This is the most common and cost-effective type of gift box. It comprises a base with a full or half-depth lid that may be completely removed. We can manufacture to any size and with any depth lid.

Box For Shoulders

The base and lid of this box are flush with one other due to an internal shoulder. They can be made with a concealed or visible shoulder. The shoulder is hidden since it is not visible until the present package is opened. The exposed shoulder may be any height and looks great in contrasting colors.

Hinged Flap Lid Gift Box

The top or side of the base of this present box features a hinge. It also features a flap on the opposite side and a concealed magnet for tight closure.

Box Clamshell

This rigid box resembles a gift box and has a three-sided hinged cover. However, the hinge is located at the bottom of the base rather than the top. It is typically constructed from a single piece of board and is frequently used for media display.

Box Of Bookstyle

The book-style presentation box is finished in the style of a book. It has a flip or double flip lid with a choice of closing clasps or magnets.

Both apparel and gift boxes are useful in their unique ways.




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