e Clinical Software and VeraSci eClinicalWorks

e Clinical software

e Clinical software is a combination of practice management and patient-facing functionalities. It can be used in many ways, from facilitating patient appointments to streamlining daily operations. It also helps healthcare organizations deliver an enhanced patient experience. Below we discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of each. You can select the most suitable one based on your needs. We also look at VeraSci’s eClinicalWorks.


eClinicalWorks is an electronic health record and practice management solution that provides technology to help healthcare providers in every step of the patient care delivery process. Features of the software include patient engagement, Telehealth, population health data, healthcare analytics, custom messaging campaigns, structured data capture, customizable documentation options, trend analysis, and the Eva virtual assistant. You can even access patient health records from mobile devices. It’s also customizable for doctors and nurses and can be used to communicate with patients.


WCG recently acquired VeraSci, a company that provides e-clinical software, translation services, endpoints, assessments, and patient safety data. The company paid USD 330 million for the entire company, including all outstanding shares. The acquisition was funded through a USD 200 million term loan and USD 140 million of WCG’s revolving credit facility. The two companies share the same clientele: biopharmaceutical companies, academic medical centers, and other research organizations. Founded in 1992, WCG employs over 4,000 people in North America and Europe.

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Healow clinical software is a patient-centric application that integrates with eClinicalWorks’ Join the Network, a secure portal for physicians to share patient health records. It also allows for easy transfer of records between providers, so patients are not left out of their health records. Users will have access to patient health records from anywhere, including mobile devices. Users can also create and customize patient record templates and forward clinical notes. Its interface is not intuitive and requires many clicks to complete tasks. New features are hard to implement. However, Healow features a medicine-management feature that allows prescribers to update lists, transfer prescription information to pharmacies, and more.

VeraSci’s eClinicalWorks

The acquisition of VeraSci, a global provider of scientific expertise, will strengthen WCG’s scientific capabilities and complete its portfolio of CNS solutions. VeraSci’s eClinicalWorks enables users to collect data on patients’ symptoms, health and cognition. The software can be customized to suit each practice’s unique needs, allowing users to increase their traffic and revenue.

Healow’s eClinicalWorks

If you are looking for a complete medical practice management solution, you should consider Healow’s eClinicialWorks clinical software. Its affordable Population Health solutions can help your practice understand disease patterns and risk, and promote patient engagement and satisfaction. It also has a choice of RCM solutions that will help your practice improve patient satisfaction and improve medical outcomes. This solution is industry leading, with nearly 99% first pass acceptance rate.


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