Creating An Online Course To Grow Your Business

Why Creating An Online Course To Grow Your Business Is A Good Idea?

Creating An Online Course To Grow Your Business: Find out why creating an online course is the solution your business needs to scale on the Internet. 

If you are a digital entrepreneur, you have surely heard that you must create valuable content for your potential clients and that is, if you want to earn a space on the internet, this is a profitable strategy in the medium and long term.

Hence, sharing valuable content, based on success stories, is today a principle of marketing and digital entrepreneurship.

In fact, just as I am writing these words, my cell phone began to vibrate. It was a post that was shared with me by direct message on Instagram. An image that showed the profile owner’s face (personal brand) on a pillow with their eyes closed.

A bullet point thought popped out of his head: “The principles of marketing are the same. Educate, add value and you will see how your business prospers . Then you will have time to sleep.”

The post had 130 comments, among them the one that was obvious said: “very grateful for all the valuable information that you are providing us all. We are sure it will help us a lot”.

I kept going through his profile and every 4 images or photos had an IGTV video of 30 minutes and up to an hour long. The topics revolved around Social Media and Digital Marketing strategies.

I don’t believe in coincidences, but it is a clear example that delivering valuable content works, whether you have a personal brand or any other type of digital enterprise.

I wanted to dig a little deeper into this personal brand so I went to their website: services, video testimonials, the blog, offers… everything you already know works.

But something was missing.

Condense some of the solutions offered in a structured online course designed so that your potential clients can have all that valuable information classified and organized.

Although you have an Instagram profile full of valuable content, let’s say that these loose pills of information are not as effective as a training course , which quickly establishes you as an expert in your area and increases the credibility of your work.


For this reason, this time I want to give you 5 reasons why I believe that creating an online course is the most effective strategy to make your business grow.

My intention is that once you read my reasons you end up determined to take action and implement this strategy for your digital business.


A course full of lessons, classes, exercises and activities quickly establishes you as a reference in your sector , allowing your potential clients to see you as the right person to work and learn.

What courses have in their favor is the possibility of structuring your knowledge so that you take your audience from not knowing how to solve a problem to being clear about how to solve it.

It is like inviting others to follow a path that you have already traveled.

And therefore, you have already proven that it works, because nobody takes a course without having experience in their field and without mastering a subject.

Each lesson of your course is to guarantee your audience that they will achieve their goal and in a world where uncertainty currently reigns, we are all somehow looking for that: proven methods and strategies that make our lives easier.

And a course is just that, a path without obstacles.


Having a business on the internet is the same as consolidating your minimum viable market, that is, your audience or community.

Form a community of potential customers. It is not about increasing the number of followers but about establishing a relationship with people who meet the profile of your ideal client.

To achieve this you can start with a free online mini course .

Free in digital marketing means in exchange for email (lead) so you can build your list or customer base.

Most choose to create a lead magnet that, to be honest, is still the typical book of all times.

  • an e-book
  • A template
  • a homework book
  • A guide in pdf

This type of format does not generate that closeness and proximity that is required to connect with your audience and convert users who read you into customers.

I am not going to deny that they educate and provide solutions to practical and specific problems, but the truth is that once the pdf arrives in your email, you take advantage of it and forget about it.

On the contrary, with a course you will be forced to produce videos that connect and educate your audience , you generate that habit of being consulted permanently and that need for them to visit your website.

If you have enrolled in a course, you will suddenly have experienced that feeling of security that comes from knowing that you have a mini-library full of video and downloadable resources at your disposal to solve doubts or problems that arise. And that is the raison d’être of an Internet community: help each other and solve doubts efficiently.


When a person wants to learn about something, the first thing they do is ask Google how to do it…

As a result you will come across tutorial videos on YouTube, with those first 5 paid google ads leading you to a web page that will have a free downloadable guide or ebook.

Also, it may happen that you are surprised by an advertisement on FaceBook or Instagram that invites you to sign up for a 100% free class on how to… (add whatever comes to mind. There is something for everyone).

Many resources scattered on the network. It’s the hummingbird game. But trade the flowers for information.

You poke here, you poke there.

Who has so much time to organize and filter all that information?

Today we need practical solutions that allow us to save time to apply and trace a safe learning path with defined objectives in advance .

And that is achieved with a training course.


An online course requires a first effort that will later be rewarded, but it is true that it takes many hours in front of the computer.

Structuring a course itself, however mini it may be, will require more of you than if you are preparing to run a marathon, but believe me it is worth trying for you and for your purpose as an entrepreneur.

Given the work involved, few people consider developing a course as part of their Content Marketing strategy.

For this reason, when you start promoting and offering your online course , you will make a difference and stand out from your competition.

You can check it yourself. Make a list of your direct competition, of those who are at the same level as you and see how many of them have a free or paid course with a persuasive landing page or a presentation video that leaves you breathless.



Turning your knowledge into a course or several online courses is opening yourself up to the possibility of having recurring passive income.

It is no secret to anyone that the e-learning sector has gained more strength in recent months due to confinement. Without a doubt, this crisis has forced us to make a change in the training model.

The pandemic has made the digitization of business in general and of education a necessity of the first order.

It is estimated that in Spain 1,500 million euros can be billed with online learning.

This trend was already foreseen, only that with the virus its growth has accelerated and a culture of consumption of quality digital resources has been fostered, for this reason, there are more and more people willing to pay for a course that helps them solve practical questions and solve immediate problems.

Whatever your specialty and your area of ​​expertise, they allow you to begin to positively impact other people who are waiting for someone to guide them to achieve a specific goal.

It’s a win-win. Nowadays it is a sin to reserve for oneself or for a few the knowledge and experience that you have acquired with so much effort.


Creating an online course is taking advantage of this situation to project and scale your business because the best Content Marketing strategy on the Internet is to deliver valuable content.

And an online course transcends this concept.

To be visible and to sell in the digital world you need to build trust , it is a slow but sure and profitable process. The fastest and safest way I know to achieve this is by developing one or more training courses.

It does not matter if you only offer services or if you want to turn online training into your main business. An online course will be effective for attracting potential customers and training an audience interested in your solutions.

Dare to respond to that number of searches that are carried out in the main search engines (Youtube and Google). Which usually begin with the question how …?

The most complete answer comes in an online course format.

Speaking of courses, if you have considered creating your training school to sell a course or the ones you want, you can sign up for my course, in which I teach you step by step my method so that you can set up your professional online training school yourself, even without technical knowledge.


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