Benefits of using eye contour cream

Benefits of using eye contour cream
Natural aging, along with changes in diet, stress and insufficient night’s rest, can lead to the appearance of wrinkles in the periocular area (around the eye), along with the so-called “bags”, which can confer the face a more aged and tired appearance. 

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  • Why use eye contour creams?
  • What do the creams provide?
  • What are the recommended creams according to age?
  • When to apply the creams?

Why use eye contour creams?

The skin of the eyelid region is delicate and fine. For this reason, we must take care of it, and protect it from the advance of time and external and internal factors, which can accelerate wear over time.

The main objective of the components of eye contour creams should be antioxidants and blood circulation stimulators.

What do the creams provide?

Among the natural components of possible use in eye contour creams we find:

  • Caffeine , which acts as a local decongestant, activating blood circulation and drainage, as well as hydration.
  • Hyaluronic acid , which keeps the skin firm and elastic, as well as favors the production of collagen and local hydration.
  • Elastin , with a nourishing, protective, regenerative and moisturizing effect.
  • Coenzyme Q10 , with an antioxidant effect, which protects against UV radiation.
  • Collagen , which nourishes, moisturizes and regenerates the skin.

What are the recommended creams according to age?

  • Before the age of 25 , a moisturizing cream with strong active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, is required to give vitality to the tired look
  • At age 30 , exposure to stressors has increased. Therefore, a cream with antioxidant active ingredients such as caffeine is needed.
  • At the age of 40 there is already a loss of structure, requiring a cream with a filler and lifting effect, which improves the texture of the skin and eliminates flaccidity. It also seeks to neutralize dark circles. A powerful component in this type of cream is hyaluronic acid.
  • At age 50 it is essential that eye contour creams contain retinol and peptides . Aging cannot be stopped but it can be slowed down.
  • At 60 years of age , creams with deep hydration should be applied; since the skin around the eyes is thin and delicate and hydration must be preserved for as long as possible so that it does not crack.

When to apply the creams?

It is best to apply it in the morning , after the serum, and before the sunscreen (during the day) and at night, before the night cream.

The amount of a grain of rice should be applied, distributed in three dots, above and below the eye; with the ring finger and tapping, repeating the procedure three or four times.


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