Cost of living in Montana

Montana is a perfect express that any nature darling couldn’t want anything more than to call home.

If you have any desire to visit Montana, you are in good company. U.S. News and World Report assessed ongoing enumeration information and observed that Montana was the eighth most well known state to move.

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What is the typical cost for many everyday items in Montana?

The normal cost for many everyday items in Montana: is $42,310 each year

Look closely at your month to month financial plan assuming that you are wanting to visit Montana.

Montana positions 30th with regards to average cost for most everyday items, as per MERIC information in the second from last quarter of 2021. This implies Montana is more costly to live in than half of the country. On the off chance that your heart is determined to live in the Rocky Mountain region, Wyoming is a more reasonable choice, positioning eighteenth on a similar rundown.

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Cost of Housing in Montana

Normal lodging cost in Montana: $590 to $1,429 each month

Regardless of where you reside, lodging will be a significant repeating cost. As per 2019 Census information, there are north of 500,000 lodging units in Montana, so your lodging choices might be fairly restricted.

What amount would it be a good idea for you to hope to spend to have a rooftop over your head? Toward the finish of 2021, Montana’s ordinary home estimation was $394,500, Zillow said.

Utility expense in Montana. 

Normal utility expense in Montana: $291 each month

Utilities are a steady cost. This is the very thing that you can hope to spend on utilities every month in Montana.

utility normal Power $97

gas $52

Link and Internet $104

water $38

food and food

Normal staple and food cost in Montana: $318 per individual, each month

How about we perceive how much the normal occupant in Montana can spend on food. The Bureau of Economic Analysis appraises that the typical yearly non-eatery supper cost for every Montanan is $3,814, which means about $318 every month.


Normal transportation cost in Montana: $4,900 to $13,317 each year

Between driving to work and getting the children to school on time, the majority of us burn through truckload of cash on driving.

Medical services

Normal medical services cost in Montana: $7,560 per individual, each year

The amount you will spend on medical services is frequently impacted by area. The 2020 Bureau of Economic Analysis Personal Consumption Expenditure by State report found the middle yearly per capita cost of medical care in Montana to be $7,560.

The amount you spend on medical care might be higher or below the norm, as your particular health care coverage plan and clinical necessities influence the amount you will pay for medical services every year.

kid care

Normal youngster care cost in Montana: $925 to $1,075 per kid, each month

The amount you will spend on kid care in Montana relies upon the sort of care you are searching for. In the event that you have a newborn child who requirements care, you will pay more every month than if you had a child.

Guardians who need assistance paying for kid care can go to the Montana Early Childhood Services Bureau, which gives assets with an end goal to further develop moderateness and admittance to early mind and schooling in Montana.


Most elevated negligible expense rate in Montana: 6.9%

Starting around 2021, Wyoming is one of eight expresses that don’t force an individual personal expense (the initial seven, presently joined by Tennessee, which wiped out its annual duty in 2021).

In Montana, as in many states, occupants are expected to cover state personal duty. Montana has a graduation rate, and that implies the still up in the air by pay. As indicated by the Tax Foundation’s State Individual Income Tax Rates and Brackets for 2021, inhabitants can pay just 1%, or 6.9%.

Incidental expenses

While fundamental costs like your lease or home loan, food and utilities will take main concern in your spending plan, leave some space for amusement. So what might you at any point do in Montana?

The Bureau of Economic Analysis gauges individual spending per individual each year at $22,398. These famous exercises can provide you with a thought of how much tomfoolery costs in Montana (costs are precise as of November 17, 2021):


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