Bankruptcy Attorney: How to Choose the Best?

bankruptcy attorneys

Are you looking for the best way to file for bankruptcy? Do you want to get out of an onerous debt without having all your assets seized? If both answers are yes, you should definitely have the legal help of the best bankruptcy attorneys near me (more like you) .

A bankruptcy process is complicated to understand and to carry out successfully for most people. You will need legal advice and that they take care of the necessary documentation until you achieve your goal .

Although you can also file bankruptcy on your own, I advise you to have the legal help of a bankruptcy attorney near me from the beginning .

Do you need to file for bankruptcy?

If you are unable to deal with outstanding debts, filing for bankruptcy or bankruptcy is an option allowed by United States bankruptcy law or state law.

It is exhausting to be constantly receiving phone calls or letters from creditors demanding payment of a debt. Facing wage garnishment or foreclosure is not to anyone’s taste. If you are going through this ordeal I advise you to consult a nearby unpaid wages attorney as soon as possible .

Receiving legal advice from an expert who advises you legally is essential to find a solution as soon as possible.

An experienced bankruptcy attorney will help you assess whether you should file for bankruptcy, as well as the Chapter to file under .

In total there are six different types of bankruptcy. Unless you represent a company that is usually filed under Chapter 11 under which a supervised reorganization of the company will take place, Chapters 7 and 13 are the most used by individuals .

Chapter 7 provides for the liquidation of assets or sale of properties to pay off as many debts as possible . On the other hand, through Chapter 13, the debt will be reduced through payment plans.

How should you choose a near me bankruptcy attorney?

When choosing a bankruptcy attorney , you should proceed as you would if you had to hire any other type of attorney. Take into account the following factors:

#1 The cost.

This is a determining factor for many people when choosing one professional or another. Ask about the fees they handle and if you can estimate the total cost of your representation .

#2 Treatment and communication.

It is clear that if you have to trust someone to represent you and help you, you have to trust him. Is communication with your lawyer easy? Is it explained clearly enough for me to easily understand? Did you use the necessary time in your first consultation?

Pay attention to all these details in your first consultation, because they will be the ones that determine how you felt and therefore if you should trust them with your case.

#3 Experience in similar cases.

One of the questions you should ask your lawyer is what experience does he have offering legal advice to clients in bankruptcy? 

If you know someone who has been in a situation similar to yours, ask them which attorney they hired and how it went.

#4 Closeness.

If you are not representing a large corporation, but are representing yourself or your family, do not seek an attorney in another state. It is not necessary to hire a legal professional too far from home, this will make their services too expensive. But above all, you will need your attorney to know all the local bankruptcy laws.

Despite his financial problems, the bills and payments that plague him periodically. Constant threats of home or car repossession due to unpaid mortgages or loans can literally drown a person in unbearable anxiety .

Do not attempt to represent yourself in bankruptcy court. Bankruptcy law is complicated for someone without experience and you may only succeed if you lose your properties without paying off all your debts.

Don’t despair, filing for bankruptcy may be the solution you’ve been looking for. To do this, you just have to consult a bankruptcy attorney near me and request his help.

Frequent questions

These are some questions raised by those who are haunted and harassed by debt.

– 1 – How much do experienced bankruptcy attorneys cost?

Fees vary depending on where you are living. Even in districts that are close to each other, bankruptcy attorneys’ fees can vary considerably. Fees typically range from $1,000 to $2,500 per case , although you may be able to find a professional whose fees are lower. If you find lower rates, make a study of that professional as far as possible, it can be a good deal.

– 2 – Are more expensive near me bankruptcy attorneys better?

Fees do not always correspond to the professional qualification of a lawyer. I advise you to take advantage of the first consultation, which in many cases is free, to evaluate the lawyer with whom you speak.

– 3 – What can I expect from a bankruptcy attorney.

Basically, what you should expect from a good bankruptcy attorney is that they assess your financial situation and show you in full detail whether filing for bankruptcy is your best option. If finally, he decides to file bankruptcy, he will need you to represent him with all the guarantees of success.

In addition, you will need your attorney to complete all the necessary paperwork and official forms to file your bankruptcy with the court and file it within the time frame required by law.

– 4 – Do I have to bring an attorney to file for bankruptcy?

It is possible to file bankruptcy on your own in simple chapter 7 cases. Although due to the difficulty of bankruptcy law, it is advisable to go hand in hand with a bankruptcy attorney.

– 5 – Is it necessary to go to court when filing bankruptcy?

If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you usually do not need to go to court.

– 6 – What is the average chapter 13 payment?

The average payment is from $500 to $600 per month. Keep in mind that these amounts may not be the amounts that you are responsible for paying. The amount may be lower or higher depending on your income.

The field of economic law is one of the most complicated there is and therefore having the help of good bankruptcy lawyers near you is important if you face a problem of these characteristics. And I say close to you because it is essential that your lawyer knows perfectly the legislation of the state where you live since there are significant changes from one state to another.


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