How Does ALPR Technology Improve Business Security

ALPR technology

ALPR or automated license plate recognition technology collects data from all vehicles. Business owners use the information to decide how to protect everyone on the property. Those discover and mitigate new risks by reviewing data collected by ALPRs. Learn more about ALPR technology and improve business security and operational efficiency.

Detecting Individuals Banned from Your Property

ALPR technology helps businesses detect any unauthorized individuals who enter their parking area. These systems capture tag information and run it through the company’s database. If a person is on their blacklist, the owner receives an alert, and they can remove the person from the premises. Alerts are fast and give owners adequate time to react and protect their workers.

These security measures mitigate risks from disgruntled employees. The ALPR identifies the former worker’s auto tag and alerts security. Security guards respond before the former worker gets near the doors and keeps them out. Businesses add vehicle tag data for all workers for these reasons.

Capturing Criminals After They Commit a Crime

After a crime happens, the ALPRs track the movements of the perpetrator’s vehicle. These cameras zoom in to capture the license plate number. The business owner can provide these important details to law enforcement agencies. Installing these devices and technology improves the odds of capturing the criminal.

Many companies recover any financial losses and get justice for any victims. With data updates, owners can detect previous burglars by their auto tag number. If they enter the parking area, security receives notification and apprehends the perpetrator. These measures reduce the number of repeat offenses and miinimze financial losses for companies. ALPRs can create a safer work environment for all.

Helping Law Enforcement Track the Movements of a Perpetrator

Law enforcement agencies that get the perpetrator’s license plate number. They use this advanced technology to scan nearby vehicles. The device continues scanning until the system locates the vehicle via traffic data. Previously collected data helps officers find the vehicle in traffic. The devices track the car’s movements and pinpoint a location.

Using Parking Permits More Efficiently

Businesses, universities, and high schools use permits to maximize parking capacity. ALPRs capture permit data and alert security about unauthorized vehicles in parking lots. The readers generate results in minutes whereas manual collection takes hours. Data collection pinpoints risks and improves safety for everyone.

Collecting Parking Fees

Parking permits have an identification number. ALPRs capture the data and determine if the driver owes outstanding parking fees. Security officers place a citation on the vehicle’s windshield. The citations notify divers of parking fee delinquencies. Collecting parking permit data faster helps businesses collect proceeds from drivers. The property owner can also have vehicles towed from the premises.

Automated license plate readers have many uses. They can also improve business security and operational efficiency. These readers capture information at all times and zoom in to get the full license plate number. The same principles apply to parking permits and passes. Business owners can keep unauthorized individuals off their property. Talk to a vendor to get ALPRs and advanced technology for your organization.


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