Details Patients Need to Know About Breast Augmentation

For women, breasts play a major role in their confidence levels, and many changes in their lives can alter the way their breasts look and feel. Breast augmentation procedures address a variety of conditions that alter the breasts and diminish a woman’s confidence. During the procedures, surgeons can install breast implants or complete breast reduction surgeries. Each of the cosmetic procedures addresses serious concerns for women and makes them feel better about themselves.

Choosing the Preferred Breast Size

Images do not present an accurate picture of the results of breast augmentation. However, surgeons know what breast implant size relates to certain bra sizes. When choosing implant sizes, the surgeon reviews the breast pocket they create during the surgery and determine if the selected breast implant fits properly in the breast pocket. If the client wants breast implants that are too large for the breast pocket, complications could develop later. Find out your perfect size from Breast Augmentation Surgeons.

Breast Augmentation

Silicone or Saline Implants

Cosmetic surgeons offer information about silicone and saline breast implants, and they present all the risks of each selection. Saline is a natural substance, and if the implants leak, it won’t pose a health risk to the client. However, the difference between saline and silicone is that silicone implants create a more natural look than saline, but if silicone implants leak, the leak presents an emergency situation for the individual. Weighing the pros and cons of each implant type helps women choose the best product for their needs.

Above or Beneath the Muscle

Studies show that saline implants that are placed above the muscle may have some bunching around the edges, and thinner patients may be able to see the line of their implants. Many cosmetic surgeons recommend placing the implant beneath the muscle to create more natural-looking breasts. With saline breast implants, the patient gets a better shape without the shortcomings of the implants. A breast pocket created beneath the muscle also offers more support for larger implants and reduces the potential for sagging.

Correcting Asymmetry of the Breasts

Asymmetric breasts are common, and the condition can make women self-conscious about their breasts. The condition makes one breast larger than the other. For some women, the size difference of their breasts can become incredibly noticeable. Breast implants are a beneficial way to correct asymmetry and make the breasts more symmetrical.

Reconstruction After Cancer Surgeries and Treatments

After mastectomy and cancer treatment, many women undergo reconstructive surgery. Breast implants are a vital part of the surgery and restore the patients’ dignity. Plastic surgeons can create natural-looking breasts and correct the damage from the cancer treatment.

Breast augmentation surgeries increase or decrease the size of the breasts and address conditions that alter the way the breasts look. Pregnancy and the aging process create the greatest changes to women’s breasts and affect their self-confidence negatively. With breast augmentation, patients can reverse the effects of life on their breasts and give them the body of their dreams. Visit a cosmetic surgeon to find out more about breast augmentation opportunities.


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