short review of the countries of Southeast Asia

short review of the countries of Southeast Asia
Rampant elements and popular unrest do not frighten domestic tourists. It is difficult to come up with such a disaster that our people would refuse to travel to the planned country. But it would be useful to know a few useful rules that help, if not avoid, then at least reduce the consequences of some negative situations.

Some Helpful Tips

Let’s make our short review of the countries of Southeast Asia. But some rules will be valid for other countries of the world. First of all, it is respect for the customs and traditions of the visited countries. For example, in Thailand , the royal family is very respectful. Given what she did for the good of her country, it is quite a natural phenomenon. The Queen Mother managed to defeat the opium business that flourished in northern Thailand. The king was able to turn his country into a stable developing state. Many components for microelectronics are produced in Thailand. The local tourist destination successfully competes with Turkey and Egypt. After this, any disrespectful attitude towards the royal family will be perceived by every Thai as a personal insult. But if you can still be forgiven for a personal insult, then big troubles threaten you for disrespect for the royal family. Such actions include entries on banknotes or other paper media, which depict the king or someone from the royal family. Do not even accidentally step on banknotes. Any action with drugs in many countries of Southeast Asia is punishable by death, regardless of the nationality of the perpetrator. This is what concerns laws and public life.

Beach holidays are not always a source of joy. So that it does not turn into a tragedy, you need to know a few rules. Forget the movie images of drowning people floundering and screaming “Help! Help!” In reality, a person drowns silently. Therefore, there are so many drowned children swimming even in the immediate vicinity of their parents. You just need to carefully observe the behavior of people in the water. Any unnatural behavior can signal that trouble has happened to a person.

A lot of tragic cases occur on the coasts with access to the open ocean. Even good physical preparation does not save, but knowledge of the necessary actions can help. For example, take the island of Bali or the coast of Sri Lanka. The breaking wave does not always move uniformly along the entire coast. Sometimes it breaks into several waves. These places are the most dangerous. Where two waves meet, a so-called “channel” is formed. Excess water at the boundary of the meeting, returns to the sea, creating a powerful current. It is almost impossible to resist him, even if you are knee-deep in water. In this case, you need to take a sip of more air and go with the flow. This “channel” usually goes into the sea a little more than ten meters. You need to swim out of it diagonally to calm water, and then return to the shore. Knowing this rule of conduct can save someone’s life. You don’t always have to go all out. Namely, an attempt to defeat the current leads to death.

Many unpleasant surprises can await diving enthusiasts. Not everything beautiful and bright is worth touching. Not only sea urchins and jellyfish are dangerous, but also some shells, from which serious burns can remain. Sometimes, the surf throws ashore the inhabitants of the deep sea. Outwardly, a funny fish-ball, with a cute muzzle, even dead, carries a strong poison on its spikes. Poisoning them can lead to death. Let all the inhabitants of the deep sea be for you like museum exhibits, which you can look at, but it’s better not to touch. It is better to try safe seafood in ready-made dishes or look at fish markets.

To sum up the intermediate result, then excessive curiosity often leads to trouble. Or an annoying desire to establish closer contact with the animal world. Large monitor lizards roaming the territory of Sri Lanka are quite harmless if they go their own way, and you go yours. Snakes, too, are not obsessed with the idea of ​​attacking you. But only if you persistently do not invade their territory. For walks in national parks, safe paths have been laid where you can feel quite comfortable and not be afraid of adverse encounters. In extreme cases, the conductors will warn about the rules of conduct. But for personal peace of mind, it’s better to look around on your own. Under no circumstances should you panic or make sudden movements. Representatives of the animal world will take this as aggression and prefer to attack, even if before that they were going to retire peacefully. Respect animals’ privacy and they will respect yours.

The same can be said about the plant world. Over a long period of evolution, plants have developed their own methods of protection. We will not analyze them in detail. Just remember that you should not touch unfamiliar plants, and try the fruits of those that seem very similar to familiar ones. Everything that you can eat and touch, you will find in local markets. Do not experiment on your own with exotics.

Unfortunately, dangers in the jungle lie in wait not only from local representatives of flora and fauna. The result of political games also left its mark. This is especially true of those countries on whose territory two Indochinese wars took place. Until now, the deadly metal has remained in the jungle. Huge areas were subjected to carpet bombing and mining from aircraft. In Cambodia it is not uncommon to find small street bands consisting of musicians who have lost any limbs or vision. In Laos, paths near tourist attractions are marked with warning tape or special markers. You don’t have to go to them on your own. During the wars, anti-personnel mines were used, which hung on stretch marks between the branches of plants. Demining activities, of course, were carried out, but many deadly surprises still remained in the jungle.

Many unpleasant moments can be avoided by showing elementary caution. But in some cases, the element of luck can be decisive. Dengue fever is common throughout Southeast Asia. It is carried by flying blood-sucking insects. The incubation period is about a week. If you have the following symptoms: back and joint pain, a rash, eyeballs hurt, a high temperature rises and chills are felt, then most likely you have been overtaken by dengue fever. An accurate diagnosis can only be made with a blood test. With this disease, the use of aspirin is strictly prohibited. This can cause profuse gastrointestinal bleeding. Don’t rely on antibiotics. They are unable to cope with this disease. If possible, it is better to undergo treatment in the country where you got sick. Local doctors have rich experience in treating this disease. Dengue fever is not as bad as the complications it can cause.

It is more difficult to predict the revelry of natural elements. Some areas of Southeast Asia and the archipelagos of Oceania are located in seismic zones. Therefore, construction there is carried out taking into account possible earthquakes. Short-term shocks of about five points of destruction usually do not bring. Carried over like the swaying of the deck of a ship. But precautions should not be neglected. It is better to immediately leave the room with a “disturbing suitcase”, in which all documents and valuables are prudently folded. If you are on the move, then tremors up to five points may not be noticed. Stronger shocks can cause destruction. In any case, you need to try to get out to an open place, out of reach of falling debris.

As a rule, they manage to warn about approaching typhoons and their route in advance. You will have a short margin of time to take some action. Maybe it’s worth leaving the risk zone, and if it doesn’t work out, then protect yourself as much as possible on the spot. Surely, the local population is not the first time experiencing such rampant disaster, and has the appropriate instructions for the necessary actions. If no one will take care of your safety, then take your salvation into your own hands. The main thing is not to panic.

It is impossible to foresee all life situations. But there is no need to scare yourself again. Unfortunately, we only remember about safety precautions when the trouble has already happened. But is it really difficult, when boarding an airplane, to check for the presence of a life jacket under the seat, in the hotel, to take a glimpse of the evacuation plan in order to know the direction of movement in case of danger. For yourself, you need to remember the most important thing – not so much the critical situations themselves are dangerous, but panic and loss of self-control. Not only your life, but also the people around you can depend on your calmness. Do not be afraid to travel, just remember some rules and exercise elementary discretion. Even if you are in trouble and help is coming to you, then until it arrives you will have to rely only on your own strength. Don’t lose your temper and you will pass any test with honor. Happy travels and successful travels!