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With a worldwide network of suppliers, FondMart can deliver a broad assortment of products and services to its customers. They also offer merchandise specialists who help customers make wise choices. The company also uses advanced data analysis tools to make recommendations and recommends 200 products every half-month. In all, FondMart offers millions of items and millions of choices.

Merchandising experts

The merchandise experts at FondMart can help you choose the perfect products for your online store. They have access to more than 200,000 products and 15,000 designers and are available to help you throughout the entire process. They can also make recommendations for new suppliers that are worth checking out. Their data analysis tools can guide you through the vast selection of products to find the perfect ones for your customers.

These experts have years of experience in the field of merchandising and can help you make smart decisions based on their expertise. The merchandising team at FondMart is committed to helping their customers find the perfect products by utilizing sophisticated data analysis tools. Whether you’re looking for the latest style of clothing or a trendy bag for a special occasion, FondMart can help you find the perfect wholesale clothing products.

Quality inspection

If you’re looking for quality products, you can trust the experts at FondMart. This online marketplace has more than 5,000 suppliers and 15,000 designers, and more than 200,000 products. Each day, about 500 new products are added to the site. The team at FondMart digitized the products and suppliers, making them easily accessible to buyers. They also offer advice about individual products.

As the largest wholesale women’s clothing provider in the world, FondMart has earned a reputation as an innovator in the wholesale clothing industry. It offers on-pattern styles for a large number of retailers, designers, and high-end brands. It also takes care of the entire inventory network process, from sourcing to mass apparel creation and quality control appraisals.

Fast supply chain

For wholesalers and retailers, FondMart provides drop shipping, fulfillment, and private label services. They are a one-stop online marketplace for dropshippers, retailers, and wholesalers that streamlines the supply chain and makes it easy to manage inventory. In addition to offering a large variety of products, FondMart offers a 45-day return policy and offers multiple payment options.

FondMart sources products from over 5,000 suppliers and 15,000 designers worldwide. Their one-stop-shop services cater to retailers, manufacturers, and drop shippers, and they boast a team of experts with years of experience in the bestiary industry. They have a dedicated research team that analyzes products and makes recommendations every six months. This enables them to ensure high-quality products and customer satisfaction.

Integration with Shopify

FondMart’s Shopify integration allows you to synchronize inventory and order information with your online store, saving you time and money. The Auto-Sync service automatically updates inventory and order information, ensuring that your store is always updated with the latest product information. The synchronization also makes it easy to keep track of inventory levels and shipping costs.

FondMart is a global marketplace for online retailers and its integration with Shopify allows for easy inventory management and order fulfillment. Both platforms support most payment systems, and their Auto-Sync service synchronizes your product and shipping information automatically. This feature also allows you to use one login to access your inventory and orders, ensuring that all relevant information is always up-to-date.


FondMart is one of the largest wholesale clothing platforms in the world. It offers drop shipping and private label services and has over 200,000 products from which to choose. Its team includes experienced designers, buyers, and production departments. They work to provide a seamless shopping experience for their customers. For those on a tight budget, the cost of FondMart might be prohibitive.

One of the main advantages of FondMart is the affordable prices for quality products. Moreover, the customer is provided with one-on-one service from a sales manager. FondMart’s owners are always ready to answer any questions that may arise.


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