LEGO’s Mario Kart-Inspired Arcade Racer Will Be Revealed This Week

LEGO's Mario Kart-Inspired Arcade Racer Will Be Revealed This Week

LEGO is set to reveal a new Mario Kart-inspired arcade racer this week. The company has teased the new product on social media, promising a “high-speed adventure” that will let players race their favorite Mario characters through custom-built tracks. The game will use LEGO’s new Powered Up platform, which allows players to control their vehicles using smartphones or tablets.

The Mario Kart-inspired arcade racer is just the latest in a series of video game-themed toys from LEGO. In recent years, the company has released sets based on popular franchises like Minecraft, Overwatch, and Star Wars. The new game is likely to appeal to both kids and adults who grew up playing classic Mario Kart games.

LEGO has not released many details about the game yet, but the teaser image shows several iconic Mario characters, including Mario, Luigi, and Bowser, racing on a colorful, winding track. The game will likely feature power-ups and obstacles, similar to the classic Mario Kart games.

Overall, LEGO’s Mario Kart-inspired arcade racer looks like a fun and exciting addition to the company’s line of video game-themed toys. It will be interesting to see how the game uses LEGO’s Powered Up platform to enhance the racing experience, and whether it will be able to capture the same sense of fun and competition that made the classic Mario Kart games so popular.


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