How long does it take to season an electric humidor?

How long does it take to season an electric humidor?
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When purchasing a new humidor, always check that it has been seasoned before placing any cigars. Seasoning a new humidor takes 2 to 5 days, maybe longer. You risk destroying the cigars if you put them in before it’s done.

Many humidors include instructions detailing how to season them. If these are included, follow them; otherwise, your manufacturer’s guarantee will be invalid.

Active Seasoning

After calibrating your hygrometer, it’s time you season the cigar humidor. First, place the sponge in a dish and soak it in filtered water and propylene glycol solution. Make sure that the sponge is thoroughly wet. 

Then wring it out and set it on top of a plastic bag in the cigar humidor. The bag will keep the water inside the sponge from oversaturating the wood. Wring out just enough water to keep the sponge from leaking when you place it in the electric humidor. Because the sponge would be your principal seasoning agent, it should be pretty damp.

It would be best if you calibrated your hygrometer before seasoning your humidor. Hygrometers are humidor accessories that monitor air humidity. Although analog hygrometers are more popular, digital hygrometers are much more precise.

Calibration Kit

Calibration kits are zippered plastic bags containing precisely calibrated salt packets that provide precisely 75 percent moisture over 24 hours to limit the margin for error in hygrometer calibration. 

Boveda is the most popular. Unzip the bag, insert the hygrometer, and wait 24 hours before checking it. If it doesn’t read 75%, note the margin of error and adjust the dial as needed. Rather than distilled water, a propylene glycol solution can be used to fill the sponge. Propylene glycol is an organic compound often used as a stabilizing ingredient in humidifiers.

The Salt Test

A teaspoon of salt combined with a modest amount of water produces precisely 75% humidity. Fill the bottle top halfway with salt. It should hold around one tablespoon, but if you want to be accurate, test it with a teaspoon. Once it’s filled, add a few drops of liquid until the salt resembles cake batter. You’ve applied too much salt if it starts to dissolve. Wash the bottle top and start over.

The Wipe Down Technique

The wipe-down approach is a second way of aging a cigar humidor. It is less popular, but it is quicker. It will save everyone at least 24 hours of wait time, but it comes with specific hazards, which will be addressed below.

The Risks of the Wash Down Method

Many cigar enthusiasts dislike the wash-down procedure since it is an easy way to oversaturate and distort the wood in a cigar humidor. Shock seasoning is wetting down wood with water and can cause significant damage if not done correctly. Cigar humidors constructed of Spanish cedar are especially vulnerable since it collects water more quickly than other woods.

If it becomes bent, it will jeopardize the integrity of your humidor. Because the lid cannot offer a solid seal, your humidor will start losing moisture, and your cigars will dry out.

Remove the hygrometer & cigar humidifier & wipe clean any exposed surfaces within your humidor once the sponge is ready. Slow down and avoid creating puddles or pools. You want to leave a tiny coating of water on the wood to dampen it and slightly darken it.

Final Verdict

Once seasoned, a humidor should keep your cigars safe as long as you routinely replenish the humidifier and maintain the top closed. The dampness prevents the wood from drying out and keeps your cigars fresh for many years.

First, place the sponge in a dish and soak it in distilled water and propylene glycol solution. Drain the excess liquid, replace it in the humidor, and shut it for another 24 hours. Don’t be frightened if your hygrometer indicates 80-85 percent humidity. Humidity should generally be less than 70%. However, it is common to be greater during the seasoning process.


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