Getting Began With Xfinity Xfi

Xfinity xFi helps you to manage your property WiFi community and related domestic. You can set up and set up your very own WiFi surroundings in mins, discover your WiFi password, realize who is on line, watch digicam videos, troubleshoot and pause family contributors’ on-line stories and determine-child interactions. Manage with functions like parental controls.

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If you’re an Xfinity Internet consumer with the Xfinity xFi Gateway, you can get the xFi experience at no additional value thru the Xfinity app. You also can check your WiFi settings and other domestic network information to your Xfinity X1 TV Box.

Note: If you are a new Xfinity Internet consumer, you will be able to get admission to xFi as soon as your xFi gateway is activated. If you are an current Xfinity Internet patron with an eligible Xfinity gateway, you could log into the Xfinity app and begin using xFi as soon as you’re geared up to get began.


Xfinity xFi capabilities are to be had to Xfinity Internet customers with an xFi gateway. All xFi gateways are well matched with xFi. However, the Cisco DPC3939 version has restrained xFi capability and does not assist the present day xFi features including greater security.

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If Bridge Mode is enabled on your xFi gateway, you’ll be capable of use a model of the Xfinity app with restricted features to manipulate your account, but you can use any Xfinity app to manipulate, customize, and cozy your account. Will not be able to use xFi capabilities. Your private home network.

Bridge Mode will preserve to block customers from having access to the Xfinity xFi website.

Xfinity xFi is designed to paintings with one lively xFi gateway per account. In the uncommon occasion that multiple modems are required to support your provider desires, you may only be capable of use xFi on currently delivered gateways.

This applies to both subscriber-owned modems and rented modems.

A second active modem at the account will even prevent activation of xFi pods.

Read extra approximately device updates. To see which version you have, visit the Devices page on My Account, or look below your gateway.

Setting Up And The Use Of Xfi

The Xfinity app is the exceptional manner to use xFi to control your house WiFi community. You also can get admission to xFi online or directly out of your X1 TV container.

Cellular Utility

Download the free Xfinity app (Apple App Store or Google Play) and sign in because the number one person or manager to use xFi. Learn approximately the Xfinity App.

Note: If your Xfinity ID is connected to a couple of debts, you will be asked to pick your account whilst you sign up. Select the account you want to access and click on Continue to view that account. If you need to exchange money owed later, you can sign out and then signal lower back in to select any other account.

To down load the Xfinity app at the iPad, visit the App Store seek settings in the top left nook of the App Store. Change the placing from iPad simplest to iPhone handiest, then search for “Xfinity.”

Supported Mobile Operating Systems

iOS 14 or later

Android 7.1 or later

Note: Beta variations might not be absolutely supported. Windows and Amazon telephones aren’t supported.


If you’re the use of the Xfinity Voice Remote, you could genuinely press the microphone button and say “What’s my WiFi password?”

“my wifi password”

“Show WiFi Password”

“display me wifi password”

In addition to the WiFi call and password, you can also see the following:

Pod fame, if xFi pods have been delivered to your community.

Enhanced protection risk information while xFi Advanced Protection is enabled.

WiFi assist facts, which offers pointers on how to set up your gateway for gold standard velocity and coverage.

Information on placing the parental manage PIN to fasten the xFi on the X1.

How to make your wifi clean if your wifi band has one of a kind call and password.

Information on shopping for xFi pods to enhance network insurance.

XFi Features

xFi lets you manipulate your private home network with the subsequent functions:

See what devices are connected to your property network and supply them aliases for clean reference.

Organize devices by means of family participants.

Instantly stopping an individual device or character from having access to the Internet even as linked to your property network for a specific amount of time or until you pause.

Learn to pause and pause.

Receive indicators whilst new devices join your network.

Set parental controls and bedtime to ensure your kids get admission to the suitable content material at the proper times.

View and alternate your WiFi name and password.

Find and clear up multiple WiFi related problems in mins.

Adding, enhancing or putting off port forwards.

Your own home network andAccessing superior features to personalize greater.

Accessing your private home community facts at the X1.

Extending your home WiFi insurance and providing coverage to inaccessible places with xFi Pods.

The digicam helps you to watch actual-time video of your home with the Xfinity app and, if you have Self Pro . TEction or Xfinity Home with cameras, offers you access to 24/7 video recording functions.

You also can use the app to set up movement notifications, switch on and rename sounds, reboot, or get rid of the camera.

Compatible Xfinity Camera and 2-Way Audio for Xfinity Video Doorbell.

Use Xfinity Xfi Advanced Security

xFi Advanced Security:

Helps prevent you from accidentally having access to unstable web sites.

Blocks far off get entry to to clever gadgets from acknowledged dangerous sources.

Monitors community activity in real time to locate if devices are behaving in uncommon approaches that can suggest a protection hazard.

Whenever a security hazard is detected, we are able to provide you with a warning and offer tips on a way to clear up it.

This article gives an overview of the Xfinity xFi advanced safety capabilities and dashboard, as well as tips on the way to resolve safety dangers. See more approximately getting began with xFi Advanced Security for eligibility requirements and a way to get admission to this selection.

Allow Advanced Safety

There are a number of approaches that Advanced Protection can be turned on via the Xfinity app.

If you’re activating a new gateway with the Xfinity app, you will have the option to allow superior safety whilst activating the gateway.

If you have an lively xFi gateway and Advanced Security isn’t enabled, you can:


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