Conventional And Delightful Punjabi Patiala Salwar Plans For Ladies:

1. Cotton Patiala Salwar Suit:


Assuming you are searching for a definitive style and solace factors, look at this cotton Patiala suit. The dark and orange salwar kameez is a reasonable choice for ordinary wear. While the kurta is kept negligible in dark tone with a smidgen of texture under, the base and dupatta are planned in idiosyncratic mathematical prints.

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2. Silk Patiala Salwar Suit:


In the event that you are going out now and again, attempt this incredibly gorgeous Malabar silk Patiala salwar suit! The kurta is planned with complicated designs on the burden and neck parts. It is kept in short style and it stands out well from a conveniently creased silk patiala salwar. The matching got dupatta adds to the magnificence of this outfit.

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3. Sewed Patiala Salwar Suit:


A semi-sewed Patiala salwar suit, as it can provide you with the solace of having it sewed according to your necessities. This hard core kurta comes in dim purple tone. It is brightened with little mirrors. The patiala is very much styled and diverges from the extravagance of the kurta, and a coordinating dupatta accompanies this set.


4. Extravagant Patiala Salwar Suit:


An extravagant Patiala salwar suit, similar to this one, is great for easygoing and conventional wear. The kurta comes in cotton material with wonderfully done weaving on the shoulder and this dark high neck collar style has a burden part. The pink patiala salwar accompanies a fragile print to supplement the outfit.


5. Patiala Salwar Suit With Coat:


For all the fashionistas, here’s a call! Look at this new patiala salwar suit plan on the lookout. The common Patiala salwar suit is given an uncommon contort with a printed coat. The plain yellow kurta is featured with a bunch of matching coat, salwar and dupatta. Wear this outfit to get everyone’s attention!


6. Become Flushed Maroon Salwar Suit:


The focal point of the shirt is maroon, with brilliant circles running start to finish. There are blue line with green example on both the sides. There are yellow boundaries. The shirt arrives at the center of the thigh. The shade of Patiala salwar is dull maroon. Additionally, the chunri is maroon.


7. Blue-Green Patiala Salwar Suit:


This Patiala style salwar kameez comes in sky blue tone and with white mirror work around the neck area. The sleeves arriving at the elbows have green and brilliant lines, and are little balls. The lower part has beautiful and reflect work. The shirt arrives at between the thighs. Patiala salwar suit is blue with green plan.


8. Violet-Pink Patiala Salwar Kameez:


The kameez has a green collar, and from the highest point of the neck area to the chest, there is a string plan. The fundamental tone is purple, the size of which arrives at the mid-thighs of the yew. The sleeves are pink, purple, green and yellow with slender boundaries. The Patiala salwar is pink, and the creases are seen as on the green material. This is the most recent plan in Indian Patiala Salwar Kameez portion.


9. Current Printed Suits:


The kameez is yellow other with a corner to corner green check and is pink in variety with a square neck area. It is sleeveless with restricted red boundaries. There is violet string work from neck area to chest region. In the lower district, splendid string work is finished with green, yellow, pink blossoms with yellow focus. There are yellow, brown, red, yellow and green, red and orange and purple. Patiala salwar is a variety pink and purple tone and has weaving close to the lower legs. The chunari is matching two varieties along the lines.


10. Conventional Patiala Salwar Suit:


Patiala salwar kameez is a conventional naval force blue with pink material covering the chest. There is weaving work in pink, yellow and green. There are full sleeves where the weaving is finished following a similar example starting from the elbow. The sleeves have borders close to the elbows and hands. The length scopes to the knees, and the shirt additionally has green and yellow boundaries. The full patiala salwar is pink, while the chunri is pink with a brilliant boundary.


11. Plain Top And Configuration Base:


Patiala salwar and chunari base plan material number one, Persian blue and naval force. Also, the highly contrasting varieties add to the theoretical example. The ideal fit for this decision of Patiala salwar was a plain base and white kameez. The green cross has a slight line.


12. Pink And Gold Suit:


The kameez is having elaborate brilliant weaving work what begins from the high collar region. Most extreme work is finished in the chest region and least close to the midsection. Around there, two Kalka plans from above meet from underneath. From that point onward, the weaving proceeds extravagantly till the abdomen. At long last, close to the lower part of the midsection, the example changes to lines. There are rotating little examples and huge examples. The length of the shirt arrives at underneath the knees. The Patiala salwar is plain, as is the chunari with a flimsy boundary.


13. High Contrast Patiala Suit:


Patiala salwar and chunari is made of white polka spots on dark foundation. The shirt is dark with a white line. The length depends on the upper thighs. The shirt has a high dark neckline, 3 white trim examples close to the chest, like buttons. There is likewise a thin white line that breaks the dreariness. Sleeves really depend on the elbow, where there is a wide white boundary.


  1. Yellow and Dark Suit:


Patiala salwar in yellow tone. Kameez is dark with sleeves arriving at the past elbow. Boundaries of the sleeves and at the lower part of the kameez, there is conventional weaving work in white, red, yellow and red at the base line. Chunri is Rani pink in variety.


15. Wedding Patiala Salwar Kameez:


Kameez is self-planned sparkling orange shaded material. Kameez arrives at up to the thighs. It has sleeves arriving at after the elbow. There are weaved in brilliant and brown. Same strings and plans are rehashed in the chunri. It is a straightforward brilliant variety with tufts hanging. Patiala salwar is in sparkling brilliant material.


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