Bexar County

In the early 1980s, the variety of organizations in Bexar County become 18,747. In 1980, 6 percent of the labor pressure was self-hired, 21 percent were employed in professional or associated services, eleven percent in production, 24 percent in wholesale and retail trade, 10 percent in public administration, and a pair of percent in other international locations; There have been 60,392 retired employees residing within the county. Click here

Major industries include oil and gas extraction, beer making, well-known and heavy manufacturing, canning and bottling of smooth drinks, industrial printing, bookbinding, wooden milling, iron and steel milling, and production of guys and women’s clothing, household fixtures, curtains. Is. And draperies, cardboard packing containers, prescribed drugs, shoes, ready-blend concrete, construction equipment, aircraft and plane elements, and digital components. The total non-farm income in 1981 turned into $9,609,598,000.

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In 1982, sixty-six percent of the land within the county turned into farms and ranches, with 27 percent of the land under cultivation and 14 percent being irrigated. Bexar County ranks fifty-0.33 amongst counties in the state in agricultural receipts, with 61 percent coming from farm animals and cattle merchandise. Major plants covered oats, sorghum, hay, corn, wheat, pecans, and vegetables; Primary livestock products blanketed cattle, milk, sheep, wool, and pigs.


Tourism, now the primary nongovernmental company of jobs in Bexar County, has performed a more and more crucial position within the county’s economy. Formation of two big subject matter parks, Antonio and Fiesta Texas’ Sea World, blended with different appeal regions which include the yearly Fiesta San Antonio, the Texas Folk Life Festival, the San Antonio Mission National Historical Park, a zoo, and several museums. Has made San Antonio and the surrounding area a first-rate vacation destination.


The region has also advanced into a main regional medical center over the last few many years. Facilities include the Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio, South Texas Medical Center, Santa Rosa Hospital (see Catholic Health Care), Wilford Hall Medical Center, and Brooke Army Medical Center.


The populace of Bexar County grew rapidly in the course of the second half of the 20 century. The county had a populace of 333,176 as of the 1940 census; In 1960 it had reached 687,151; In 1980 it turned to 988,800; And in 1990 it crossed the one million mark for the primary time. As in previous times, maximum citizens lived within the town of San Antonio, the tenth largest metropolis in the United States; Of the 1,185,394 citizens within the county in 1990, 935,933 lived within the city, and the remainder lived inside the surrounding suburbs. As of 2014, the county’s populace is 1,855,866, of which 1,393,875 stay in San Antonio. Other big groups consist of Alamo Heights (7,750), Universal City (19,540), Converse (20,739), Terrell Hills (5,199), Castle Hills (4,332), and Balcones Heights (2,996). Persons of Hispanic descent made up the largest group, fifty-nine.1 percent; 29. Five percent had been Anglo, 8.2 percent had been African American and a pair of. Eight percent were Asian.


During the Nineteen Eighties and 1990s, San Antonio and Bexar County became the web page of several electronics and biotechnology groups, because of efforts to diversify the region’s economy. The developing quantity of change in Mexico and Central America also promised to assist and support the economy. Environmental troubles—conservation of the Edwards Aquifer, the supply of San Antonio’s water delivery, as well as the safety of other fragile features of the western hills—where most of the vicinity’s essential concerns.

The primary additives of the place’s economic system within the early twenty-first century protected federal offices and military bases, tourism, a developing excessive-tech business park, and better education (in 2005 14 colleges were working in the county). In 2002 Bexar County had 2,385 farms and ranches masking 441,206 acres, of which 54 percent were devoted to pasture, 35 percent to plants, and 7 percent to woodlands. Farmers and ranchers within the location earned $80,717,000 that year; Crop sales totaled $59,304,000. Nursery plants, hay, beef farm animals, maize, grain sorghum, small grains, groundnuts, and greens were the main agricultural merchandise.

Although Democrats held a majority there in 1960, 1964, and 1968, Republicans occupied the county in 1972, 1980, 1984, and 1988. Democrat Bill Clinton gained a plurality of county citizens in 1992 and 1996, at least partially due to the fact independent candidate Ross Perot attracted many citizens to the area for the duration of that election. George W. Bush led the county by at ease margins in 2000 and 2004.


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