All Blasphemous endings and how to get them

All Blasphemous endings and how to get them

The Game Kitchen knew how to capture Spanish culture in Blasphemous , moving away from the most common topics. He knew how to absorb all the religious symbols of Andalusia and turn them into a video game that is not only considered a work of art for its lore, but also for its fun metroidvania mechanics. And although its story is not very intuitive and complicated to follow , it is a true wonder that, to make matters worse, has different endings depending on how we advance… We will help you to obtain them all.

We can think of them as the bad ending, the incomplete ending, and the good ending . The latter was added in a free DLC and serves as a link to the future Blasphemous 2 , billed as the continuation of the first story. Don’t worry, the sequence to activate each of them can be complex, but we are here to help you and, of course, we will not give you the details of the end, but we will let you discover them yourself

Guide to unlock all Blasphemous endings

How to get the bad ending

Obtaining it is very easy. You simply don’t have to do anything other than move linearly through the story to the end , without questioning your actions. Upon reaching the last stage and defeating the boss , you’ll be a bit grayed out and want to do the sequence to unlock the incomplete. For the good one, you will have to start a new game.

How to get the incomplete ending

You need to collect a number of objectives before reaching the final part of the game. The first thing you need is the Immaculate Account , which is obtained in the Cemetery of the Summits. This item will allow you to eliminate the punishments when you die, but only 3 times, until it becomes the Weight of True Guilt , which we have to have in the inventory yes or yes.

Once we have this object, we can destroy the 7 Guilt Statues that are scattered around the map, which will cause a halo of red light to appear that will transport you to a level where you will face different hordes of enemies: survive to improve the sacred bud until it becomes an essential item. The statues are located at:

  • Tomb of Mercy
  • Ascend the Moan
  • Brotherhood of the Silent Lament
  • mother of mothers
  • Library of Negated Words
  • Wall of the Holy Prohibitions

In this way, you will get the outcome considered positive before the arrival of the Wounds of Dusk DLC , which expanded the story a bit more and left this one as the worst of the good ones.

How to get the good ending

As we said before, if you have already defeated Esdras you will have to start a good game, because there will be no way to unlock him. It is essential that you defeat the Three Humiliations , the first final bosses of the game: Have Mercy, Three Angustias and Our Lady of the Blackened Face.

If you have already done it, do not go to the bridge that is further east , because you will have to fight with Ezra… and it is best to avoid it. Not only because it is a difficult battle, but because killing him is not part of our plans. Before going there, go to the Tomb of Perpetva , which is located next to Sierpes, in Madre de Madres. You will have to take a boat , which will take you to a beautiful area. In case of going having killed Ezra, the dialogue will be a constant lament on his part. If, on the contrary, you have not done so, his spirit will speak to you from his grave to give you the Incomplete Scapular object.

This item will allow us to avoid the battle with Ezra and have a dialogue with him. We can move forward quietly, but we have to return when we have the Relic of Perpetual Blood in Arena to be able to enter a new area of ​​​​the Brotherhood of the Silent Lament, which is at the beginning. There we talk to him again and he will give us the item Twisted Wood Grown Key.

The thing does not end there. Once you get to the Library of Negated Words , you have to carry out Diosdado’s mission , which asks us to put an end to the noise in the library. Upon completing the mission, we will see him in the place where we saw him for the first time, in front of a door that will open and that will allow us to meet Roots of the Knotted Tree of the Three Words, who will ask us for his two eyes, obtained by defeating the bosses Isidora Voice of the Dead and Sierpes. In exchange for giving it its eyes, the tree will give us the Apodictic Heart of Mea Culpa , which we will need to have equipped.

And now, at the end of the game, we will have to face Crisanta , the first of the final bosses. The outcome will be very different from the previous ending and, in fact, when facing the battle against the Last Son of Miracle, we will see a new phase. The sequence of acts is much longer, but it will be well worth it.

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