7 styles of interior decoration that you should know

7 styles of interior decoration

Interior design is a discipline that seeks to beautify and personalize living spaces. There are many interior decorating styles that each have their own history, philosophy, and distinctive set of characteristics. In this article, we’ll explore the different types out there, from classic and elegant to modern and minimalist, and everything in between. If you want to learn more about current trends in interior decoration to form a competitive profile in this sector, this article will help you explore all the options available.

What is an interior decoration style?

An interior decorating style refers to a set of distinctive features and design elements used to personalize a living space. Each style of interior decoration has a series of specific design elements that make it recognizable and unique. These elements can include patterns, colors, textures, materials, furniture, accessories, the general arrangement of items, and lighting in the space . When choosing an interior decoration style, the aim is to create a coherent and harmonious environment that reflects the tastes of the owner and that, in turn, is functional and comfortable to live in.

How many styles of interior decoration are there?

Decoration has evolved throughout history and has been influenced by different cultural, social, technological and economic factors . Each era has had its own trends and fashions in interior decoration that have arisen in response to these factors and have reflected the preferences and needs of the people at that time.

In addition, each person has their own personality, tastes and needs, so a decoration style that may be attractive and functional for one person may not be for another. For this reason, there are so many interior decorating styles to choose from, each offering a variety of options to personalize and tailor the space to the homeowner’s needs and tastes. Next, we will tell you about some of the most popular styles among those who are passionate about decoration.

Nordic decoration

It is a style of interior decoration that has its origin in the Scandinavian countries of Europe (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland). This style is characterized by a minimalist, functional and elegant aesthetic , which seeks to create comfortable and welcoming spaces through the use of natural materials, light colors and simple shapes.

In Nordic decoration, spaces are usually bright and spacious, with a distribution and arrangement of furniture that favors functionality and comfort . Light and neutral tones are used on the walls , such as white, grey, beige or pastel tones, while textiles and accessories are usually in warmer and more natural tones, such as grey, brown or green.

As for the materials, the Nordic decoration mainly uses wood, stone, wool and cotton . The aim is to create a feeling of warmth and naturalness, so synthetic materials are avoided and the presence of natural elements, such as plants and flowers, is favored.

Minimalist design

The minimalist decoration style is characterized by simplicity and the absence of unnecessary decorative elements . This style seeks to create clear environments through the use of few furniture and accessories , and a palette of neutral and light colors.

In addition, it seeks to eliminate any element that does not contribute to creating a harmonious and functional environment. For this reason, the furniture is usually straight and simple lines , without ornaments or unnecessary details. As for colors, light shades are mainly used , such as white, beige, gray and black, and patterns and flashy colors are avoided.

Even the materials used in the minimalist decoration are usually natural and of high quality, such as wood, metal and glass . Thus, it seeks to create an elegant environment through durable and timeless materials.

Rustic interior style

The main objective of a good decorator when dealing with a rustic style should be to transmit harmony and well-being in a rural house environment . In addition, the decoration gains a lot when the old elements that give the home character are used. Warm colors and wooden furniture are usually used , combined with light-colored walls.

Modern classic style

This style seeks to create an elegant and sophisticated environment, combining traditional elements with more current and contemporary elements. In the modern classic decoration, furniture and accessories with simple and elegant lines are used, but which in turn present more traditional details and ornaments , such as moldings, upholstery in dark tones and noble woods. The color palette is often a mix of light, neutral hues with darker, richer tones, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

As for the materials, noble and high-quality materials are mainly used, such as wood, leather, silk and velvet . It seeks to create a luxurious and elegant environment, but without losing comfort and functionality.

Industrial style

Exposing the construction elements of the building such as beams or bricks is the basis of the industrial style. Born in the 50s by young people from the United States, this style makes predominant use of gray and metal colors. Because of this, large windows are recommended to let in plenty of natural light .


The sea is the protagonist in any space decorated in the nautical style. Thus, its essential colors are navy blue, royal blue and white . Gold or red details can be included , which do not usually fail to complement this style of decoration. Nor is there a lack of rustic wooden furniture and elements that evoke life on the beach.


In the romantic decoration, soft and sweet colors are used , such as pastel shades of pink, lilac, cream and white. It seeks to create a warm and welcoming environment through the use of soft and light textiles, such as cotton and silk, and the presence of floral elements is favored, either through prints, tapestries or floral arrangements .

The furniture that is used in the romantic decoration tends to have soft and curved lines, with decorative details such as carvings, lace and ornaments . Vintage and antique furniture is also used , adding a touch of nostalgia and charm to the environment.

As for accessories, the presence of decorative elements such as chandeliers, mirrors with gold frames, and ceramic vases is favored . It seeks to create a warm and romantic atmosphere, in which emotions and sensations can be felt.