5 Ways to View Full Instagram DP

5 Ways to View Full Instagram DP

In Instagram, profile photos are difficult to see clearly. If you want to see a little that is quite large, you can only see it by visiting the profile photo. Therefore, many people are looking for a way to see the full Instagram DP. 

 For those who are curious, here’s how. See how below: 

1. Using Browser

For those who don’t know, Instagram can also be accessed via a browser and doesn’t have to go through an application. This first method will use a browser to open Instagram so make sure you are using the latest version of the browser.

In the browser, users can see the full Instagram dp photo. Even the photo can be downloaded easily even if the profile is locked. Curious how? Check out the following steps:

  • Open the browser that is used, can be chrome, safari, or edge.
  • Visit the official Instagram site.
  • Login using the account you normally use by using the correct username and password.
  • Look for the profile whose Instagram dp you want to see, it can be someone else’s dp or your own profile.
  • If the profile already appears, press and hold a few moments until the option to open the image in a new tab appears.
  • The DP of the Instagram profile has appeared and looks bigger.

2. Via the InstaDP App

Insta DP is a site that provides a service to view a person’s profile on Instagram in full size. This service is website-based so there is no need to install other applications to do this one method.

To use it, users only need to set up a browser that can be used. In addition, a stable internet connection is also needed so that the steps taken can run smoothly.

  • Open any available browser application
  • Visit the instaDP site which can be searched via google or directly type the web address.
  • Then the user will go directly to the main page and find the search field.
  • Type the Instagram username that is the target of the search.
  • If the Instagram account you are looking for is appropriate and correct, open the dp profile and select full size.

3. Izuum

Both use web-based services, izuum provides services to view other people’s Instagram profiles more clearly. The method used is also not much different from what InstaDP does.

The only obvious difference lies in the website address used. In addition, the user interface display is very different when compared to instaDP. 

Izuumi had a more serious and attractive look. To be able to use izuum, please follow the steps below:

  • Provide a browser application such as Google Chrome or you can also use the default browser.
  • Search for a site called izuum through a google search and the top website will appear.
  • Type the Instagram username that you want to view the profile for.
  • Scroll down to see the results, until the desired account appears.
  • Open the photo with the original size so that the resulting photo appears at its original size.
  • The photo can be saved by pressing and holding the photo until the save photo option appears.

4. Utilize the Qeek App

The Play Store also turns out to have an application to view someone’s Instagram DP. The application is called Qeek which allows users to view other people’s profile photos in full. This application can be downloaded and used for free, but it contains advertisements.

  • Open play store on Android Smartphone because it is not in Apple’s App Store.
  • Look for an app called Qeek in the search.
  • Download the application until it is finished and installed properly.
  • Open the application and type in the username you want to see the DP for.
  • The profile photo will appear and can be enlarged by pressing tap to zoom. So that the results are even bigger.

5. FullinstaDP

Back to how to see another Instagram DP , this time we will use a website called FullinstaDP. This is different from what was previously mentioned, namely InstaDP although both have similarities in terms of names but both are different websites.

In order to be able to see someone’s Instagram profile photo in full, users can rely on this one website. The services provided through this website can be used for free and easily. The process is also fast without a lot of annoying ads.

  • Connect the device to a stable and smooth internet.
  • Open a browser that is available and can be used normally.
  • Type FullinstaDP in the search field and it will appear at the top of the search.
  • Open the website and go directly to the main page.
  • Type the name of the IG username you want to see the profile for.
  • If the correct username appears for the purpose, open the profile by pressing the View DP button.
  • Photos will appear in full size and can be saved with a pretty good quality.

That’s a little discussion about how to see the full Instagram DP. Now there are many websites that are quite helpful in various ways so that the use of the application can be used less. For example, it is difficult to view Instagram’s DP in the application itself.


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